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Things that are important:

  • fat robots


There are alot of Cobra Commander aficionados, cosplayers, roleplayers, ect out there.

But how many of them own a sick magnesium folding scooter?

I’m only a lad, you really can’t blame me.

I’m only a lad, you really can’t blame me.

I can’t stop referring to Trent Reznor as “Evil Depeche Mode”.


dazeddreamerr asked: Hey yo so I work at the Arizona renaissance festival and I got a couple photos of/with you 2 years ago, I believe. One of me and of a friend (Whom has a cobra commander tattoo) But i'd love to share these photos with you if you wanted :)

What, that’s awesome!

I’d love to see your pictures.  That day was a blast, I wanted and tried to repeat it last year, but due to illness/work/ect it was not a possibility.

I am impressed that you were able to find me on tumblr!

Thanks again, this made my day.


That’s right, folks! It’s another Tumblebats/Tumblrbats contest, this time with help from the cool dudes at Toddland!

So let’s lay down the rules!

  1. Reblog and like to enter! Feel free to reblog as much as you want, but just know that only one reblog is going to show up on our notes.
  2. We’ll pick a randomly selected winner on 7/20!
  3. No reblogging for contests only blogs
  4. Following us isn’t necessary, but we sure would appreciate it!

The prizes offered are as follows, one winner takes all!

  1. Some amazing Aquabats stickers by Jex!
  2. Some awesome Aquabats wristguards by Jex!
  3. Some custom stickers that I’ll draw, and Jexis will make! 
  4. An amazing plush by Jett!
  5. A $25 credit for Toddland merch!

Good luck, everybody!


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Alright this has been bugging me for a while now and I finally think I have this congealed to words.

Let me just give the most minor of backgrounds here.  I fucking hate people seeing my face.  It makes me hella anxious.  That’s really it.  You can see the last post I made with a very long winded explanation. 

The way scopophobia is tagged bothers me is because it misses the point of the phobia.  Scopophobia is not the fear of eyes, nor is it the fear of faces (that’s ophthalmophobia and coprophobia, respectively).  Scopophobia is the particular fear of being stared at, which is uniquely different from the first two.  These fears can, and do, overlap and exist side-by-side, and I’m not gonna try to erase that.  At the same time, these are separate fears.  Splitting hairs, I know, it just bugs me.

The second, and much larger, issue I got with the current tag system is that it makes it incredibly difficult to actually find posts by scopophobic people.  

Let me give an example.  Say, I was looking for journals by agoraphobic people on tumblr, but the minute I searched for “agoraphobia”, all I got were pictures of shopping malls, and fields, ect.  Not related to people with the phobia itself, just images that might trigger them.  

That’s pretty much my issue right there.  The entire tag for scopophobia is pretty much selfies and posts containing pictures with eyes.  This is a serious anxiety disorder, and being able to have experiences documented online is incredibly important. 

Tumblr can be a great place for people against the mainstream to congregate.  There are blogs about being transgender, blogs about living vegan, blogs about living with depression,  there’s alot of blogs. Blogs written by the kinds of people who follow them.   But by the current state of affairs, it’s ridiculously hard to get something like this started for scopophobic people. What.

I got no qualm with people wanting to post anything with eyes as "eyes""tw: scopophobia" or "warning: scopophobia", ect.  That makes enough sense, given the aforementioned overlap with ophthalmophobia and coprophobia.  But tagging images which are unrelated to the scopophobic experience plainly as "scopophobia" just makes it almost impossible for people with this anxiety disorder to find each other.



Faceless Syndrome: An introduction, an explanation, and an apology.

Where to start? I suppose, in reverse order, the apology. The things that you will read here may offend you. They will do so, most likely, because the topics I feel I must explain to preserve what sanity I have are most likely unrelatable to most human audiences. At least I have the subtle self-awareness to realize I am an oddity amongst my peers, that the majority of readers of this essay will wind up shaking their heads in confusion in response to my oddly specific situation. And that, to you, the reader whom shall bear witness to this confessional, concludes this shallow and apathetic apology for the existential crises from which you may suffer.

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